80 new Pokemon are coming

Are you going to catch them all?

80 new Pokemon Task of catching ’em all in Pokemon Go will soon get a little tougher.

Whenever coming this week, that will add a grand tal of more than 80″ creatures introduced in the series’ Game Boy Color games Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, the smartphone game’s developers at Niantic announced the game’s biggest expansion yet.

Those characters may be seen wandering around your real world, as opposed to requiring a more obtuse method of discovery, when the update goes live. Adding more kinds of items types to the game means the free version’s default inventory limit of 250 items, that is already easy to fill to capacity, will only feel more limited, even if not. Those items should be discoverable at Pokestopsas well. Game’s evolution system will expand, with firstgeneration Pokemon characters requiring new, unnamed evolution items to evolve into the game’s new Johto region characters, in order to complete that full circle of item interactions.

80 new Pokemon Nintendo is only involved with Pokemon Go’s development, as a series overseer.

While the weeksold Fire Emblem Heroes, super Mario Run’s sales. Have plateaued, that relies heavily on microtransactions, continues to rank in the p 10″ grossing charts on both iOS and Android in both the United States and Japan.

Still, its success and failure till matters to the big N, and the game’s update comes asNintendo’sother major smartphone launches, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, mature somewhat in the market.

That task will remain unchanged. You better don’t be surprised if react in new ways as you’re making an attempt to catch them, Niantic tells players in itsannouncement of the major updates. Plenty of info can be found easily by going online. Players will still have to swipe on the screen to throw one of their Pokeballs at a creature. Keep reading. This means characters will now dodge your Pokeball sses in new ways and it’s these dodges that can burn through your inventory.