DIY – How to make porcelain or concrete rabbits

Simple and easy.

Diy porcelain rabbits might be the most cutest and easiest project i have come across this year. It takes the art of  Japanese paper folding and sculpting to the next level.  I discovered  Angy and Stine the amazing creators of this Technic on the web. They met at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany and founded their studio moij design after Graduation in 2013. ‘moij’ in German means nice and beautiful.

Its mind blowing how simple and effective this method is. Their origami sculpting method can be use on any paper folded sculpture. So depending on how creative you feeling you could make beautiful simple butterflies or more complex star wars figurines.

Check out a few examples here:  Origami or Paper folded  .

Here are a lot of origami examples online but if you like me an want to it to be almost dummy proof i found a few origami kits that make life so easy. Lines are already drawing out and all you do is fold. This allows any newbie to have the skills of a 100 Japaneses paper folding artisan. We even made some awesome Star wars concrete sculptures. See the links below of the ones we have tried and tested.

Tips and Tricks

I have found that using proper origami is better. Because when using normal paper the paper gets wet and soggy. You might ask where can one get origami paper from? Most craft shops stock it but i have found amazon to is the best and cheapest place to find origami paper. See below for paper i have tested.


First fold out your rabbits or any other origami creature, out of your  the paper of your choice.


Pop your origami creation into the porcelain mix or concrete mix


The final step. If you did it in concrete just let dry in the sun or if you did it in a clay of porcelain mix you must get them fire in a kiln.


Check out our awesome kits that are on sale.