Simple and easy.

UPDATE 2017: If you want to stream Netflix in South Africa. Don’t waist your time and money. See how to stream movies and series for free in South Africa

So you want to stream Netflix in South Africa?

So every month you spend about R600 for DSTV and another R500 on your uncapped ADSL line. This is a lot of money and frankly DSTV is only really useful for sport.  This is my solution to your entertainment needs.
In the US with just an internet connection and a credit card you’ve got access to basically unlimited TV. Services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon On Demand etc….  means you can find any type of movie or series to suit your taste. The even greater thing about this is you get to watch shows before they come out there. Yes we do have some attempts at these types of services here such as:, ITunes etc…. but they don’t really have that unlimited collection. I chose Netflix, Because they offer so much more for a fixed monthly fee. This means you can watch as much as you want for $8 or R70 (this will change with exchange rate). The first month is totally free, with no string attached. (so you can just try it out for free). With Netflix’s your contract is month to month with no extra cancelation fees or reconnection fees which means you have maximum control to watch this when and where you want + no adds.

What kind of line speed you need?

I have a 2mb line from which is R497 including Telkom line  and while the shows take about 30 seconds to buffer they work perfectly once everything gets going. If you don’t feel like giving up on your Dstv sport you can still just get their sport packages which are R166. So anyway you look at it you save and you get way more choice.
A bonus if you buy an Apple TV R1100 from Dionwired  you can plug it into your TV and watch shows on your couch wirelessly. If you are on more of a budget you can just use a hdmi cable or a div cable etc… to connect your pc and TV.
Other than that all you need is a service called Unotelly ( subscribe for R30 a month and you can try it free for a month) it allows you to pretend that you’re somewhere else in the world enabling you to use Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora and countless other really great streaming services are available. There is so much to watch you won’t want to leave your couch. Just follow the steps bellow or if you get stuck just comment and i will try help you out.

Step 1: Sign up to Unotelly

Go to or ( just try the free trial:

Step 2: Change your DNS

Don’t worry if the term “DNS” scares you, just know you need to change it. The Reason why you do this is simple. You need to setup the new DNS in your router or modem, the device that you connect to the internet with. Most likely a technical friend or the Telkom man set yours up but know it’s the little box with the aerial or wires coming out of it. Don’t be afraid of the technicalities here, Unotelly have a great section where you can get information about how to change the DNS depending on what make of router you own.
Click on this link ( to go to their help site and then scroll down and select your router. If you don’t come right there just check out how to do it on youtube there a million video’s how to change your DNS.

Step 3: Check it’s all working and setup your IP – Almost Done 🙂

Okay, now we get to check that you setup is correct so go to and you’ll see a bar at the top showing you the status of your service. You’ll probably get an error message about your IP address which you need to setup. Click on the “authorised networks” tab on the left or click this link:

Simply type any name into the “Network Name” and then type your IP into the “Your IP Address” area. You can see your IP address below the empty spaces but you need to still type it in. For example my IP in the example is“″ and the “41″ goes into the first block, the “244″ into the second and so on.

Step 4: It’s Netflix time

So now that the internet thinks you’re in America it’s time to setup Netflix. Simply go to and signup for a months free trial.

Step 5: Connect your TV and PC

This is easy you can ether use a apple tv device or just use conventional hdmi or dvi cable etc….

Step 6: Enjoy unlimited movies and series


When It comes to payment. Some people say that it gives them an error of ” some story about a non us credit card”

To solve this: Just use a 5 digit zip code ( 90210 comes to mind ) and you can use any valid card you like.